products overview

Eat Me I'm Famous

Eat me i'm famous is a pizzeria chain based in Malta. We have designed their website based on their existing theme to maintain brand identify.

Cafe Rouge

Cafe Rouges website is a single page application. Cafe Rouge is a restaurant situated in the south of Malta, serving a delicious all-day menu of classic maltese dishes with a contemporary twist.

Rizzu restaurant

Ir-Rizzu is a WordPress website. Ir-Rizzu is a traditional maltese restaurant specialised in fresh fish and seafood.


Project EVERSIO is an eSports initiative based in Malta. Project EVERSIO entrusted us with providing them custom built system to meet satisfy their requirements.

Luke's takeaway

Luke's takeaway, located in the centre of Paceville is a well known restaurant which has been serving for years. Luke's entrusted us to build a tailor made online ordering system which has been a great success!